May 21, 2010

Excuses, excuses

So, I haven't been blogging FOREVER for a couple reasons.  One is my new job.  I'm currently trying to balance three jobs, plus my craft business, for which I have a show coming up in only three weeks!  Yikes.  I'm starting to get a little nervous.  You know classic self-doubt questions...  Will people like my product that I've poured so many hours into?  Am I charging too much?  Too little?  I don't need this stress, so why am I doing this?  Do I have enough product?  Will my display look okay?  Where will my display be?  Will I be able to fill the space?  Will I have too much to fill the space?  SO MANY QUESTIONS!

The other reason I haven't written, is because the other day Aria accidently knocked over my tea all over the keyboard!  You can't imagine how crippling it is to not be able to type the letter 'a' or use the spacebar!  I literally couldn't email anyone for two days, and when you work from home, that's tough to handle.  So, I thought "Hey! Perfect opportunity to get a wireless mouse and keyboard!".  So I went and bought them at Future Shop, got them home and realized that my Mac is too old and doesn't come with bluetooth, so I couldn't install my wireless stuff.  So back I headed to Future Shop to return the stuff and pick up a different one.  Only, I didn't have my bank card, so they couldn't refund me the money unless I wanted it on a gift card.  No thanks...  So I came home with the wireless stuff that didn't work, and the new keyboard and mouse that would work.  And then headed back to Future Shop for a third time after having scoured my house looking for my bank card.  Good grief!  Why can't things be simple????  So that's my excuse for not typing.  I was getting so desperate though, I was copying and pasting spaces and a's from other documents onto my emails just so that I could communicate with people! 

Onto other things... Jer's been working on some flowers I designed, and we sold our first one on Etsy this week!  Very exciting!  Actually to a gal in the UK... so now I'm international!  I just need to pop it in the mail today, along with birthday cards for my nephews...
And, yes!  Jeremy HAND-SEWED all these flowers!  Isn't he amazing?

Other than that life is busy but good. We've been experiencing some warmth again here which is nice, and even better are the sweet spring storms!  Lots of rain, so everything is very green and even some thunder and lightning.