September 6, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Aria's very first day of school!
Its a bit strange to think that every day she'll be spending most of her time NOT with me, when for the past five and a half years she has been with me almost constantly.
What will she do all day when she's at school?
Maybe a little more concerning, is what will I do?
We are so blessed to have some fabulous friends with daughters also entering Kindergarten this year, and all these friends are going to be in class with her!  How exciting!
Here's a couple photos we took to commemorate this special day... 
 SO sad that this one is out of focus!  I may have to re-stage it and try again!

A little meltdown because the sun was burning her eyes.  What a face!
Here's some back to school photo ideas I found through Pinterest.  I would have loved to have done the chalkboard idea, but sadly, do not have a little chalkboard.  The paper idea worked well for us, and maybe I'll get Aria to decorate it and then include it in her Kindergarten scrapbook.

1.  Inchmark had a super easy to do photo idea.  This was the idea I used to do Aria's photos, combined with the one below...

2.  Chickabug has some free printables to do these great photos. I like the idea of consistency and adding in the teacher's name from year to year, so I opted to make my own signs.
3.  Zoot had a great way of recording all your child's favorites for the year right on the photo.  A great insight into who your child is in that year of school.  I just remember filling out my "School Days" portfolio (the blue book with pockets for each year of school) with things like who my friends were, what I achieved that year and what I wanted to be when I grew up...
4.  Sugar Bee Crafts has a tutorial on making a chalkboard sign tutorial.  I didn't know there was chalkboard spray paint.  I may need to go and check that out!
5.  Ashlee Raubach Photography did a photo shoot for her son's preschool class!  SO CUTE!  We did something like this for a family photo shoot last week, and we're super excited to see the pictures!  This would be fun to do at a birthday party or with your child's closest friends.