February 12, 2011

Fun and Easy Painting Craft

So, I was looking through some blogs this morning, and came across this fabulous craft by Brassy Apple.  I had all the supplies, including the lettuce spinner that I never use, due to the unknown black stain inside, not very noticeable, but still worrisome.  So, after rest time the kids and I busted out the acrylic paint, salad spinner and construction paper, and created some beautiful works of art.  I think they'll be perfect for using as birthday or thank you cards.  The best part about the craft is that no one got dirty, and the clean up was as easy as rinsing out the salad spinner, plus, the kids LOVED it!  They each took turns spinning the art, and Aria had fun picking out which colours to use.  Each time we opened the lid we were excited to see what our splotches of paint had become.