March 31, 2011

Family Connect for April

So, my ministry partner, Amy, and I have been working on a new way for parents to take what we're teaching their kids on the weekend and to stretch the learning even further at home with a family night activity.  Speaking from my own experience as a mom, I often have FABULOUS intentions, but not enough creative energy to actually plan out activities, gather the supplies and execute them.  So, what if we took the planning work out of the equation for parents, and did it for them?  Last month was the pilot month for Family Connect, and I haven't really heard any feedback yet.  But, maybe no news is good news?!

I'm super excited about this month's Family Connect though, because it's all about EASTER!  The curriculum we use at VAC Kids is 252 Basics.  It is an incredible curriculum, that I will go ON and ON about if you let me!  This month we are learning about HUMILITY: putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.  And who better to be an example of that than Jesus, right?  So, this weekend we are looking at the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet.  Followed by Jesus in Gethsemane and his arrest.  Then, his crucifixion and finally his resurrection!  I am just so excited to be talking about Jesus all month, and to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit to call these kids to Himself.

Back to Family Connect!  So, for the next month, I'm going to be posting our Family Connect activities on my blog, and I plan on doing them with my family, so hopefully there will be pictures as well!  Some of the ideas are ones that I found on some other really great blogs by moms I've come across in the last couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

March 18, 2011

Next if I have time!

I am rediscovering my love of mom-blogs that have ideas on, hmm, pretty much everything.  A project that I stumbled upon today, that I am SO going to do...someday, is "Family Rules".  It looks doable.  All I need is some Modge Podge, the best source of free fonts online (yay dafont!), some scrapbooking paper (I do have lots, but I might splurge and buy some specific prints that will highlight my future renos I have planned for my kitchen... again, someday), a canvas, and, oh yeah, the thing I lack most: TIME.  Here are some other people's finished product that have inspired me.
The Pleated Poppy
in His Grace

The Pleated Poppy

Impress Your Kids

March 17, 2011

Birthday Plans

 So, Aria and I started talking about her birthday party today.  Not that we don't talk about it most days, but now it is only a month away, so it actually makes sense to start planning now.  We've landed on wanting to do a Tangled birthday party.  Well, as I was searching some blogs about party/cake ideas, I came across this FABULOUS canvas art idea.  I've wanted to do something like this for awhile, for each of my kids' rooms, and something similar for our rec room downstairs... something that displays their creativity and art, but in a decor-friendly manner.  Oh!  I'm SO excited!  I might just have to drive down to Michael's today.  Well, maybe not, since I'm now stuck at home waiting for a tiler to come and work on our bathroom... we've been waiting for approximately 3-4 months...  Anyways, this is definitely my next rainy day project with the kids!