June 23, 2011

Latest in buttonboxdesigns...

Here's a few shots of my booth at Creative Chaos from a couple weeks ago.  I have been so busy with other things that the blog has fallen by the wayside a bit, and I haven't put up any of my latest creations!

Sleepy Owl Earflap Hat

Fuzzy Brown Bunny

Brown Sock Monkey

Small Crochet Flower Barrette ($5)

Large Crochet Flower Barrette ($10)

Is June seriously almost done?

We have had a crazy month!  From having a booth for buttonboxdesigns at Creative Chaos, Glen and Amanda tying the knot, the end of programs and activities, Aria's preschool graduation, VAC Kids taking over the weekend service for Father's Day, to an upcoming ballet performance; I feel as though June has rushed by in a cold, rainy blur... we have not had much sun, and yet, my garden flourishes, and that brings me great joy!  Here is a bit of a photo montage of the past several weeks, since I have been such a negligent blogger!
Amanda and me

Outside the reception
Driving around...

Roscoe's cheese face!
All ready to go!

Cheese face again!
The preschool grad
Receiving her "diploma"

Ballet year end performance

This is just the dress rehearsal, as the performance is on Saturday

We can't take pictures at the performance, but no one's stopping us during the dress rehearsal!