February 18, 2010

Latest Projects

I figured I should include some of the projects I've been working on lately.  I'm trying to figure out a summer hat pattern for girls, but haven't loved anything that I've some up with yet.  I just don't feel as though they've been in-keeping with the rest of my designs.  But because I've been working on patterns, I don't feel as though I'm being as productive as I need to be!  Balance...  I'm trying to build my inventory so that I'm ready for Creative Chaos in June.  Already I think that I have more stock than I had when I did the show in Kelowna at Christmas.  However, I had Ralna and her creations to help "beef up" the display then.  This time its all me!  Anyways, here's some old and new pics of what I've been working on lately.
Shell beanie
Brimmed Beanie
Earflap Hat
Fuzzy Earflap Hat
Shell Beanie with Singed Flower
Singed Flower
Baby Pod photo prop
Brown Tassel Blanket photo prop
Stork Sling photo prop

Roscoe's Christmas Sweater Vest (the best part about dressing a boy!)

Olympic Fever

I have to admit, I have Olympic fever...  Its a strange sort of sickness, whereby I celebrate with each Canadian athlete, as though I knew them personally.  I also am known to cry through the special segments talking about the athletes' journeys, and of course when they receive their medals.  I profess I cried quite a bit during the opening ceremonies.  And when I'm not shedding my happy tears, I'm speaking with a constricted throat as I try not to cry.  I didn't think I'd be so emotionally invested... although I certainly have a right to be seeing as my taxes helped pay for a lot of it!  We each have some Olympic swag now, mittens and t-shirts, and wear them with pride!  Actually, with a lot of pride!  I am so thrilled with the amount of national pride that I'm seeing Canadians display this season.  As a nation often criticized for our lack of national pride, (I mean, we are fairly overshadowed in that department by our neighbours to the south) I am delighted to discover that its chic to wear Canada emblazoned across our chests, and maple leafs seem to be more popular as mascots than the strange creatures they created for the games!  One of my most favorite parts of the opening ceremonies was the poet with his tribute to our wonderful country.  Brilliant. 
Aria and her cousins

Go Canada!
Parade of Athletes

Aria's class celebrated the Olympics today at preschool.  They all participated in three races: speed-skating, bobsled and the torch relay.  It was very fun to watch.  We even had a lighting of the Olympic cauldron and medal ceremony.  The kids have been practicing for weeks, and it was fun to see them learning team-play and cheering each other on.

February 3, 2010

Preschool, Olympic Torch and General Musings

Aria has been attending First Kids Preschool for a whole year already!  Hard to believe.  Last Christmas my parents had given me money for doing daycare or something like that so that I could have some one on one time with Roscoe (only 2 months old then!), or nap, or grocery shop.  All the things that are easier with one less child!  Well, it turned out that Aria was old enough to start preschool, being that she was 32 months old and potty-trained.  I had always planned on putting her in this preschool, as it was in our neighborhood, highly recommended, reasonably-priced, and has Bible-based teaching.  It has been a delight to have Aria involved at this school, making new friends, singing songs, doing crafts, and having lots of fun playing and learning.  But, because of Roscoe's age, I had never gotten to be the Duty-Mom until just last week!

 Aria was so thrilled that I was coming to be the Duty-Mom.  She had seen all of her friends' mothers  come and help out, but I had never yet had my turn.  She was so proud to have me there helping, and I had a lot of fun.  I washed toys, stapled together the take-home papers, cleaned up, played with the kids, told a story, and took lots of pictures!

Our friend, Noah, was the Star of the Day, and he brought his mom and her Olympic torch as his show and tell that day.  She was involved in the torch relay as a runner the previous week, and shared about her experience, and showed the kids the inner workings of an Olympic torch.  They all got to touch the torch as well.
The day it ran through our town, I took the kids over to the park near our house to watch it go past, and to cheer on the runner, or should I say walker.  The lady carrying the torch was a Grandma in her late sixties, and she definitely was not running.  All the hoopla by the official race sponsors went by, and then we waited... and waited... Finally she came, and then, right where we were standing, her torch "kissed" (apparently that's the official terminology) the next fellow's torch, and off he went... walking!  I just think that if I were carrying the torch, I would run.  There's no way I could just walk with the crowd cheering, the music blasting, the adrenaline pumping, and the significance and history being represented by the flame in my hands.  Just a thought...
It was exciting though, and my husband and his staff came down to join us at the park.  We couldn't go down to the big celebration downtown, as it was Roscoe's bedtime.  And honestly, I don't think I would have enjoyed being down there with all the people and both kids by myself.  Instead, Aria's friend came over for a play-date, Roscoe napped and I had a cup of tea!  Speaking of which... I think that I hear my crochet projects calling my name.  Either that, or the elliptical... Exercise or tea and crochet... hmmm...