April 20, 2010

Fancy Nancy Party Part 4 - Details and the Party Itself!

Aria's 4th Birthday party with a Fancy Nancy theme was divine (that's a fancy word for great).  We invited seven little girls to come over on Saturday from 1-3:30 (right during Roscoe's nap time, so I wouldn't have to worry about him, and could just focus on the girls).  All the girls came wearing fancy dresses and accessories.  They were SO well behaved and quiet, and really into all the different activities that we had planned.  My husband and I had decorated the basement playroom with strings of white lights, and flowers we had drawn and cut out, and balloons.  I drew a big welcome sign for the front door to set the mood.  It is now on Aria's bedroom door!
First off, we made a construction paper fan.  The girls used the same jewels that we had used for the invitations to decorate their fans.  I also had some princess stickers on hand and markers.  I let them decorate the paper first, and then folded them up and stapled the end.

Then the girls spent time playing with the toys, and dressed up with some old costume jewelery that I had from when I was younger.  When they started to dress up, Aria and I handed out feather boas to each of the girls that we had found at the dollar store!  They were a big hit!
And since we were all dressed so fancy, we sat down to read a couple Fancy Nancy books!  The girls chose "Fancy Nancy" and also, "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy".  Some of the girls hadn't read the books before, and they were a huge hit!
After that we played Stick the Jewel on the Tiara aka pin the tail on the donkey.  And then it was snack time, present opening, cake and then time to go home!  Aria had such a good time, the girls got along fabulously, and I had fun too!  I was wiped by the end.  It was great having Jeremy and his parents there to help and take pictures.  But even though we were so tired we went to bed around 10pm that night, the smile on this little girls face made it all worthwhile.  I can't believe my baby's four!  Happy Birthday Aria!


  1. That party looks like so much fun! Great job with the party and thanks for posting the pics!!! Happy Belated Birthday - I can't believe she is 4 already!

  2. What a fun birthday party!! I am sure that kiddos loved this party. My daughter would definitely have loved a party like this one when she was younger. You know dear on her first birthday I hosted a party at most popular San Francisco venues.