December 18, 2011

Roscoe's 3rd Birthday (Yeah, I'm REALLY behind!)

I just realized I never put up pics from Roscoe's birthday parties (yes, TWO of them...).  We had family and adopted aunties and uncles over on a Sunday afternoon for a 
Robot Party 
(a well-timed themed as the Backyardigan's episode with Robot Roscoe is now a HUGE favorite of his!  We probably watch it three times a week, at least!)
 My first attempt at making cake pops.  
Definitely NOT as easy as some tutorials on line make it sound!  
My cake was WAY too moist.  I added too much icing.
But they were well appreciated!
 Cute and free cake toppers from Smitten Blog Designs.

 I used lots of tinfoil, empty cans, and tinfoil plates for decorating.
And the cute circle background... I made that!  Pretty proud about how cute it was!
And so EASY!
I cut out circles of the same size in the colors I wanted for the party theme.  And then... wait for it...
Sew through a circle, and then keep running the machine, and then feed through another circle, and so on until its the length you want!
 The spread.
You can't really see, but I labeled all the food with run Robot-esque names.

And then, Roscoe had a couple buddies over the next day, for what I thought could have potentially been a very tiring party but wasn't :)
Ball Party!

 Marshmallows dipped in orange-colored chocolate and dipped in sprinkles.
Again, so EASY and very popular!
We ate lunch, had cake, opened gifts and then had free play.  Because, really, no three year old boys I know really want to sit down and do a craft or have a structured party.  It was LOVELY.

People kept asking what to get Ross for a gift and I just kept on saying, well, he likes balls.  Anything that can roll in our house becomes a ball, and anything that does not roll becomes a stick with which said "ball" can be whacked!

He had a great time at both parties, and I had a great time planning them!  Check out my Pinterest board!

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