September 13, 2009

Getting Things Going

Well, I've done it. Started my business. I've been busy crocheting hats in the evenings, trying to perfect the fit and choosing a couple styles that will appeal to people for the fall season that is slowly coming upon us. Definitely still enjoying the sun, but with slightly milder temperatures; makes walking a lot less work!
I sold my first hat to my girlfriend Sue on Saturday! Thanks for the support from all my friends and family! I appreciate it so much! I even have a few custom orders that I'm working on. I've been surfing the internet for good deals on the yarn I prefer to use, and working at designing branding and promo stuff with my husband. Its been fun so far, and hopefully will continue to be. I'm looking at renting a table at a Christmas craft fair sometime this fall. When I get more info about the dates and location I'll try to post them on here.

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