December 12, 2009

Starting Again

I think it might be fun to get serious about this blogging thing. But when can I fund the time to write? I'm sure I have lots to say, and maybe even an interesting point of view. But even right now, as I contemplate how this could all play out, I ought to be reading about Joshua entering the Promised Land, and prepping for my grade 6 class tomorrow morning.
And can I just say how excited I am for church tomorrow? We have Paul Young, the author of "The Shack" visiting our church this weekend, and doing an interview style preach with Stuart. I heard that it was excellent tonight. I've been madly trying to reread the book. I read it a year ago, and was overwhelmed by the freshness of his ideas of God and the Trinity. I can't wait to hear his ideas and thoughts tomorrow, and to read his prose with the perspective of his interview in mind. In reading the book last year I remember feeling as though what I knew of God being stretched outside of what I have experienced and learned. I felt as though Young coloured outside of the lines of who I think I know God to be. More on that to follow after I hear Young speak tomorrow.

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  1. Yeah, another blog to follow. I will be checking in on you! Thanks for your comments the other day. They were very much appreciated!