December 14, 2009

Christmas decorating

My friend Sherilyn was out last month and we went to the local Art Knapp for their Christmas Extravaganza... without children! It was so great to take our time looking around without worrying that some little set of hands would touch something they weren't supposed to. I found these fabulous cast iron urns for $25 each! What a steal. Normally they're $125, I think. Crazy. So, I decided to decorate them up for Christmas. I went to my parent's land and got my dad to help me find some cedar and some big pine cones. I then went back to Art Knapp and bought some orange twisted willow (so pretty!) and another kind of greenery for a grand total of $15. I then grabbed some leftover red plastic balls I had in my decorating stash and voila! Some very festive, chic (and cheap!) decorations for my front step.My husband was also being creative the other day while we were out at my parent's tree farm helping sell Christmas trees. My mom had started a wreath by cutting out a cardboard circle, and then cutting out another circle inside of it. She then wrapped string around the cardboard, fairly close together, and then tied it off at the end. Jeremy then added the greenery, tucking the ends under the string, which catches on the needles, holding the branches in place. I added a red bow that I had in my stash and hung it on our front door. My hubby's so crafty and he doesn't even realize it! I am super pleased with the result, and think I'll have to make some pine swags to match, and hang them on either side of our carport.

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