March 17, 2011

Birthday Plans

 So, Aria and I started talking about her birthday party today.  Not that we don't talk about it most days, but now it is only a month away, so it actually makes sense to start planning now.  We've landed on wanting to do a Tangled birthday party.  Well, as I was searching some blogs about party/cake ideas, I came across this FABULOUS canvas art idea.  I've wanted to do something like this for awhile, for each of my kids' rooms, and something similar for our rec room downstairs... something that displays their creativity and art, but in a decor-friendly manner.  Oh!  I'm SO excited!  I might just have to drive down to Michael's today.  Well, maybe not, since I'm now stuck at home waiting for a tiler to come and work on our bathroom... we've been waiting for approximately 3-4 months...  Anyways, this is definitely my next rainy day project with the kids!

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