March 18, 2011

Next if I have time!

I am rediscovering my love of mom-blogs that have ideas on, hmm, pretty much everything.  A project that I stumbled upon today, that I am SO going to do...someday, is "Family Rules".  It looks doable.  All I need is some Modge Podge, the best source of free fonts online (yay dafont!), some scrapbooking paper (I do have lots, but I might splurge and buy some specific prints that will highlight my future renos I have planned for my kitchen... again, someday), a canvas, and, oh yeah, the thing I lack most: TIME.  Here are some other people's finished product that have inspired me.
The Pleated Poppy
in His Grace

The Pleated Poppy

Impress Your Kids

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