May 17, 2011

Family Connect May 15-21

This week at VAC Kids, we heard the story of Joseph, who even though betrayed and treated poorly by his brothers chose not to get even, but did the opposite!

Have an Opposite Meal with your family!  This can be as simple or as zany as you’d like!  Consider dressing up backwards in your clothes, girls dressing like boys and boys dressing like girls, having breakfast for supper, eating dessert first, cutting your food with a spoon or eating with the cooking utensils, sitting on the ground picnic-style, or making an entrée look like dessert or dessert look like an entrée (check out All Recipes for some great ideas like Meatloaf Cake and Spaghetti Torte).  Come up with some of your own fun ideas!

During the meal take time to talk with your kids about the difference between getting even with someone when they’ve hurt you or getting even God’s way.  Share about a time when you thought getting even would settle the score, but it made things worse, or about a time when turning the other cheek like Joseph did to his brothers made a big difference.

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