March 25, 2010

Current Craftiness

So I feel like my current creative energies are being channeled into the extraordinary Art of Packing Tape Repairs!  I have a pile of stuff on my kitchen counter that is ever-growing, and requires me to devote several hours to the finicky, sticky and extremely frustrating Art of Packing Tape Repair.  I can't remember my daughter ever being so rough on her toys before, or her being as destructive as my son currently is.  The combination of both their efforts on their toy/book selection has been lethal of late!  And so, I sit around during sleep time taping (and cursing) and refining the Art of Packing Tape repairs.

The other stack of things in my home calling out for my attention are Aria's tights.  I swear there is a hole in the toe of every single pair (and she probably has about 14 pairs!).  I am so tempted to just throw them in the garbage, but they're not beyond salvation... they just need some attention, and darn it! Some darning.  I can't wait for the temperature to warm up that little bit more, and then I can send her along on her merry little way in skirts and dresses, and NO TIGHTS!

My husband's grandfather enlisted in WWII, and was training to be a paratrooper until he broke his leg and couldn't be deployed.  One of my favorite stories about that time in his life, is how he used to darn the other soldiers socks for some spending money!  How resourceful was he!  Maybe I should send him all of Aria's tights and see if he's up to the challenge more than I am!

Well, off I go to sort through the disaster known as Aria's puzzle box, to organize, and probably tape some boxes back together...

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