March 17, 2010

Spring Break!

We had such a lovely day today.  We've been spending the last week in Fairmont, with some friends, at their timeshare.  It has been such a fantastic week... full of much swimming, which the kids have loved, a muddy attempt at hiking, much relaxing, crocheting, and today, a road-trip to Fort Steele, Cranbrook and Kimberly! 
I managed to finish a mohair baby pod for my photographer friend Sharla (, FINALLY.  Seems as though its taken me forever!  Its very soft, and I'm hoping its big enough.  I'm still trying to perfect my patterns as I venture into the world of photo props.

I also managed to do two hats to add to my Creative Chaos stock, and hope that I'll get some more done tonight... although I'll probably end up working on some matching sister hats that I've promised to a friend who just had a baby girl.
I was inspired today by a little shop I found in Kimberly called The Back Door.  I could tell from the outside that it was a shop I'd love to poke around in.  It was probably a good thing that I forgot my money in the car, and didn't have time to go back to get it!  I saw this super cute black bird coat or towel hanger by Umbra that I may have to hunt down somewhere else... The shop had all her items displayed on apple crates, which is what I like to display my hats on when I do a show... so that was what inspired me.  I liked how she had them stacked, and she had her shop name stenciled on the bottom.  So, I may attempt that for the CC show in June.  Hopefully my mom and dad don't mind, since the boxes are on loan from them!
I've been enjoying the convenience of using my husband's laptop as we've been on vacation.  Its been so nice to just have it wherever I want to use it, rather than running to the kitchen everytime I want to use the computer at home!  We debated getting a laptop when we purchased our iMac four years ago, but wanted to have a stationary computer for when the kids were older... I think I'd probably be on the computer WAY more if I had a laptop, so maybe its a good thing I don't!
We head home tomorrow.  Back to the real world of work and meetings and commitments. Its been so great to have this little holiday together.  I took some great photos that I'm looking forward to scrapbooking eventually.  And I mean, eventually.  I'm still working on Aria's baby album, but getting there.  Going away for a scrapbook weekend really helped in that department, and it was great to spend a weekend on myself with some girlfriends!  Hard to believe that was only three weeks ago.
Well, good night for today!  Cheers.

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