January 15, 2011

Frosty the Snowman

We've had so much snow lately, and it warmed up to just the right temperature today that the snow was perfectly sticky for snowman making!  "Playing" in the snow for the past week has mostly consisted of shoveling (not as fun for the kids), so being that my children were driving me a bit crazy from staying inside all morning, we went outside to build a snowman while Jer stayed in to make some sandwiches.

My mom's suggestion for keeping the mittens on was to cover them completely with long socks!  Looks a little ridiculous, but it worked!

Don't you just love the new roof we put on this fall?  A necessary but not so glamorous reno...

Aria, Frosty, and his "magic" hat

We decorated the band of his hat with some colourful Japanese maple leaves from the tree in our garden.

Not a bad snowman!  Aria wished he could have a magic hat like the real Frosty in the cartoon, so we made a top hat out of snow.
As we were heading inside, she was lamenting that Frosty would probably melt.  Well, yes, but with the amount of snow we've had lately, I don't think it will happen anytime soon.  I was thinking yesterday, that God must be making up the difference in snow this year from the lack of snow we had last year.  I don't mind the shoveling... too much.  Its a good work-out, and the kids burn some energy outside while I'm shoveling.  I like shoveling the light, fluffy stuff we've had lately, as compared to the heavy, wet snow from November.

Well, I'm off to memorize some lines for VAC Kids tonight.  The kids are tucked away in their rooms for nap/quiet time, and Jer's folding laundry.  So, I'll go join him with my cup of tea and get some work done.   

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