January 11, 2011

Such a Deal for You... And Me!!

So, I've been trying to think of some kind of fun promotion to do with my hats... and I realized I don't have many photos of kids "modeling" buttonbox hats (other than my own kids, and a few done by a photographer friend of mine).  A friend sent me some GORGEOUS pictures of her youngest wearing his hat, and the pictures were so great I asked for permission to use them on my Etsy site.  So here's what I'm thinking of for a promotion...

Send me pictures of your kids wearing buttonbox hats that I've created.  IF I choose to use the pictures you will receive a gift certificate for 50% off your next purchase of one hat.

The requirements of the photo must be that it is: 
  • "professional" quality (no, you don't need to be a professional photographer, but it does need to have that certain "je ne sais quoi") 
  • ready to use (no touch ups required, as I'm a low-maitenance, low-tech kind of gal) 
  • features the buttonbox hat not just your child (I know your kids are beautiful!)
  • and I must have your full permission to use the picture as I choose (that means on facebook, etsy, here on my blog, or possibly printed and framed for display at any shows I am involved in).  I understand that these are your children in the pictures, and I promise you that I will never use the photos in any manner that would compromise you or your child's integrity or privacy.
  • you may enter more than one photo, but you will only be eligible for one certificate per style of hat.  (ie. You can submit three photos of three different styles of hat and be eligible for three different discounts)
You may submit your photos to me by email (jckinnib[!]telus.net).  I will respond to you via email, and if I choose to use your photo I will send along a photo release form.  After you have returned that to me (again, via email), I will send you a gift certificate for 50% off the price of one hat.  Whether or not I use your photo is up to my discretion, and you will receive the gift certificate only if I choose to use your photo.

I'm super excited to see what you all send me!  Here are a few pics my friend sent me of her little one that inspired this promotion...

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