January 8, 2011

New Things

In December I got an early Christmas present in the mail one day.  I found out that I'll be showing at Creative Chaos in Vernon in June again this year.  It was a such a fabulous way to connect with families in my area, and to get my product and business name out there!  I'm very much looking forward to the show this June, especially since I have a little experience now, and know a little of what to expect.  I had set some pretty outlandish goals for myself and what I wanted to take to the show last year, and had to keep editing and editing my lofty ambitions for new designs and product.  Building display racks and printing off cards to display product on, and finishing touches kept me away from accomplishing all I had dreamed of.  But this year is a different story.  I have all the displays built already (thanks to my hubby!), and I've already been working on new designs, so now I'm ready to "mass produce" them (at the incredible speed of one hat per evening... or two, depending on the size).


I definitely still welcome custom orders at anytime, but in the next couple months, there may be a lot more to buttonboxdesigns than hats and flowers! 

1 comment:

  1. So good to see you excelling in this! I wish you all the best and we are loving our hats too!!!