April 13, 2011

Blossoming Mother's Day Cards

I'm a little early, I know.  But, I'm heading out at the end of April for a week to Atlanta for the Orange Conference... and I've been really bad lately with birthday, Christmas and Thank You cards!  This way, I can pop the cards into the mail when I get home and voila!  I'm somewhat prepared!

I say this every season, but I really think that this is my favorite time of year.  I'm so blessed to live in a part of the country that experiences distinct seasons, and weather that is, for the most part, appropriate to the season!  Right now the forsythia bushes are just starting to explode with vibrant yellow, and I'm looking forward to the double flowering Plum shrub that the kids bought me for Mother's Day two years ago to actually flower this year (I can see the buds, I KNOW its going to be beautiful!).  And, we didn't massacre our Cherry tree this year with the pruning like we did last year, so that promises to be a thing of beauty as well this year.  And maybe it will yield more than just one cherry later on as well! 

So, to celebrate spring blossoms, and the upcoming Mother's Day, the kids and I worked on some cards and pictures today.  They were super easy!  I followed the tutorial by Pink and Green Mama.  She has at least 1000 different art activities that I want to try with the kids.  I have to admit that although we enjoy creating, I often lack the energy to be creative enough to come up with our own activities.  But I'm not beyond confessing that I seek inspiration from other moms who are doing amazing activities with their children.  In fact, I'm becoming somewhat addicted to mommy blogs, and their creativity.

What I loved about this craft, is that it stirred up memories of art classes from elementary school days gone by.  It was okay to get a little messy, but easy to clean up.  Even my 2 year old boy enjoyed it... for four minutes or so.  He really liked blowing the watercolor branches out with a straw.  He put a lot of himself into the pictures... mostly his drool, but he had fun.  Aria loved choosing which colors to use for the blossoms, and enjoyed squeezing out more glue onto the plastic lid.

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