April 5, 2011

Fun, Free, Personalized Art

Yes, its true!  I came across a new website today called Wordle.  I had a great time creating some FREE, personalized art for my kids rooms.  The site was super easy to use, and I could choose what layout, colours, and font I liked best.  If you want a certain word to appear larger (like a name), you just have to type it in a couple times.  Here's what I created for my kids.  I'm planning on matting and framing them.

I can think of a million uses for this - especially for scrapbooking!  Or baby gifts! Or birthday cards!  And the best part is that its a fun way to expand your child's vocabulary.  Sit down with them and think up words that remind them of Spring, or to describe their pet, or what their favorite foods are.  The possibilities are endless.

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