July 3, 2011

Ballet Performance

Aria had her year end dance recital the last weekend.  I know I already included some shots from the dress rehearsal, but here are some pictures from the actual day of with hair and makeup (which she LOVES) done.


She did such a great job, and we were happy that she was in the first half of the program so that we could leave at intermission and get the kids home to bed.  Surprisingly, Roscoe really enjoyed the performance, and was totally enthralled with it the entire time!  As soon as Aria came on stage for her "Mother Goose" number he started exclaiming "Aria!  Aria!"  Pretty darn cute!  He loves his big sister SO much.  I had to include a shot of her bun.  I am SOOO not a hair person, but I thought I did quite well, and you can't even see the multitude of hair pins that I used!

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