July 2, 2011

I-Pick, U-Pick, We All Pick STRAWBERRIES!

After eating sub-par Californian strawberries for the past several months, we always look forward excitedly to the local strawberry season here in the valley.  A family friend has a nice little farm with U-Pick strawberries, so I took the kids out with my mom on our day off, and loaded up on the sweet little morsels.  The kids did really well not gorging themselves on too many as we picked, and with their help Mom and I managed to pick eight ice cream pail fulls in less than an hour... before the day got too hot!
Aria and Grandma

Roscoe showing off his harvest... lots of green ones...

Yum!  Imagine the jam, and pies, milkshakes, etc that I've been making these in to!

"Helping" Grandma

Aria was very helpful, and enjoys picking strawberries from our own little garden in the backyard as well.

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