July 12, 2011

Summer Snapshots

Here's a couple pics from the end of June!
We were spending lots of time outside because it finally was warm enough.  I have discovered a lovely thing... my kids will play quite happily together for long periods of time if I set up the little pool and a sprinkler!  I have enjoyed a few relaxing afternoons dozing, working, reading, playing with my new iphone on the deck while they have fun in the water.
Roscoe loves his dog Ryley.  Ryley's not so sure most of the time what he thinks of Roscoe's love and attention.

One particularly warm day I brought out some tempera paint and we found some shade in the backyard to paint some rocks for our garden.  Now I just need to find some sealant spray to weatherproof the paint... I know I have some somewhere in my house....

 I quite enjoyed having the kids paint outside.  It didn't matter how messy it got, and was super easy to clean up!  Yay for summer!
Roscoe loving the alligator pool I bought on clearance at the end of last summer!

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