July 3, 2011

Fingerprint Art

Aria had a friend over the other day, and after playing outside for a while and having eaten lunch, we thought it would be fun to try some fingerprint pictures with a great Melissa and Doug ink pad I picked up at the Vernon Teach and Learn.  First we carefully got our fingers inked.
Then we stamped them on the paper.

 Then we did some drawing and coloring to change the little fingerprint ovals into something!  It was funny to see how the girls would copy whatever picture I had just created.  Roscoe had a hard time not transferring one color of ink onto another.
 Both girls are very artistic, and really enjoyed using their creativity.  I think their pictures will make great birthday cards!  We even made some Get Well Soon cards for Aria's friend's little brother who was recovering from an operation.
So simple, and easy to clean up... just wipe little fingers clean!  And a great way to use both fine and gross motor skills.  Cheers!

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